25 November 2016 / News & Events

GAPP at the Pain Symposium in Rotterdam (November 11th, 2016)

On Friday, November 11th, 2016 the pain team at Erasmus MC Sophia (Pijnteam Erasmus MC – Sophia Kinderziekenhuis) organized a symposium about chronic pain in children, entitled “Ouch !! Child and chronic pain”. The aim of the symposium was to acquire knowledge and insights on the early detection and treatment of chronic pain in children.
During the day various topics were highlighted about chronic pain in children like the anatomy and physiology of chronic pain, the psychological consequences, possibilities for rehabilitation, the complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and the influence of the circadian clock. Also a short film was shown in which a patient of a chronic pain clinic was followed. The keynote speakers this year were Prof. dr. B. Zernikow, a German paediatrician of the ‘Paediatric Pain Centre and Adolescent`s Children`s Hospital, Datteln’, and Dr. K. Jacobs, a clinical psychologist of the ‘Oxford Centre for Children and Young People in Pain’.

More than 100 health care workers were present at the symposium, including anesthesiologists, pediatricians, physiotherapists, pain-nurses etc.

During this symposium the GAPP project was also represented with a stand at the information market. Participants were able to ask questions about the project and had the possibility to have a look at the informative booklets for children. All the participants also received a usb pen drives with uploaded the informative videos in Dutch prepared with the aim to present general information on clinical trials for young children and teenagers as well as the GAPP Project video (available in English at this link and published on the GAPP website).

Participants were enthusiastic and indicated the GAPP project as a good initiative and an example of patients tailored approach through the development of age-tailored information booklets and assent forms as well as the informative videos.

At this link you can find the flyer of the meeting.


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