Childhood Cancer International (CCI)

Childhood Cancer International (CCI)

CCI represents 171 parent organizations in 88 Countries. CCI’s mission is to share information and experiences in order to improve access to the best possible treatment & care for children with cancer everywhere in the world. Objectives: To develop an international network of parent support groups throughout the world (including survivors), to provide assistance and guidance in the establishment of new groups, to provide parent organizations with information about the disease, treatment and effects in understandable, non-medical language, to provide forums, events and opportunities for members to meet and share information, experiences and knowledge with other members, development of parent mentoring and assistance programs, developing and growing parent support groups, forming a therapeutic alliance with the medical team on improving conditions and services in the ward. To be a powerful advocate for the issues and effects of childhood cancer at an international level including: Long-term impact on survivors – medically, financially and socially, access to drugs and treatment, to operate through outreach projects, to improve childhood cancer care in low and middle income Countries.

Main tasks in the project

As a parents/patients association CCI will be involved in the designing of the clinical trial protocols and will play an important role in the dissemination of the project activities and results through its patient/parent associations network.

Involved staff

Patty Brouwer has a Biology degree (1989), and PhD in Science from the University of Nijmegen (NL), Radboud University. Her research focused on the growth and behavior of seaweeds in Antarctica. Since 2008 she is working for CCI as the International Services manager. She is member and employee of the Dutch Childhood Cancer Parent Organization and part of their Clinical Trials parents group.

Anouk Nijenhuis has a Biomedical degree (2013), at the VU University Amsterdam. She has a master specialization in Management, Policy-analysis and Entrepreneurship in health and Life Sciences. Her researched focused on palliative care for children and the organization of care for children with cancer. Since 2013 she assists the CCI International Office. Furthermore, she is a volunteer of the Dutch Childhood Cancer Parent Organization as childhood cancer survivor.

The Parents and Patients Advocacy Committee (PPAC) CCI is a volunteer based organization. PPAC was established within the EU-funded ENCCA project, which aims to establish a sustainable structure within the paediatric oncology in Europe. The PPAC consists of parent and survivor representatives from France, Spain, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Luxembourg , Austria and Greece.

Other Partners

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