Dompé Farmaceutici S.p.A (DOMPÉ)

Dompé Farmaceutici S.p.A (DOMPÉ)

Dompé is one of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Italy, permanently committed to developing innovative drugs for treating diseases without any cure. Headquartered in Milan, in 1993 the company moved the pharmaceutical production on L’Aquila; in 2000 a biotechnology plant was added for the production of monoclonal antibodies. Organized in four Divisions, Research & Development, Manufacturing, Primary Care and Q-rare, the company focuses its offer on the Primary Care and rare and orphan disease areas. The R&D Centre identifies and develops new molecules for the rare disease area and creates new proprietary product formulations with a view to further strengthening the Group’s presence in the Primary Care area on both national and international levels. The research centre is also distinguished by the production of recombinant proteins in accordance with the very highest standards of quality and its distinctive, high-skill analytical offer.

Main tasks in the project

DOMPE’ will lead the pharmaceutical development for a new liquid formulation of gabapentin for paediatric use (WP5). Besides the new formulation, DOMPE’ will be developing the placebo formulations to be used in the clinical trials. DOMPE’ will be developing, producing and distributing gabapentin to participating clinical centre. In addition to this, DOMPE’ will be coordinating the non-clinical development of the juvenile toxicity study (WP6) and will act as Sponsor in the clinical trials envisaged by WP 7 and WP8.

Involved staff

Marcello Allegretti is the Chief Scientific Officer with a Chemistry Degree (1992) from University La Sapienza of Rome and more than 20 years’ experience in chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology.

Marco M. Gentile is the Technology R&D Director with a Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology degree (1981) from University of Milan and more than 20 year experience in analytics, pharmaceutical technology and biopharmaceutics. From 2003 to 2007 he is Professor of Biopharmaceutics – Faculty of Pharmacy – “La Sapienza” University – Rome.

Concetta Dragani is Pharm. Technology Head with Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology degree (1992) from University of Bologna and more than 15 year experience in Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Bologna.


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