Sihtasutus Tartu Uelikooli Kliinikum (TUH)

Sihtasutus Tartu Uelikooli Kliinikum (TUH)

The Tartu Hospital is the only University Hospital in Estonia. This tertiary centre for the southern part of Estonia and for whole Estonia for paediatric neurology provides outpatient and inpatient paediatric care dealing with a range of neurological problems affecting children. TUH is a teaching hospital, both undergraduate and postgraduate students. TUH’s mission is to provide high standard care for children and is the reference institution for the studies, development and research work of Tartu University. TUH has a large experience in research and clinical trials. The hospital conducts more than 60 pharmaceutical studies per year and has a multi specialised neurological centre reference for children with chronic pain.

Main tasks in the project

TUH will participate as recruiting clinical centre in both GABA-1 (WP7) and GABA-2 (WP8) clinical trials. In addition to this, TUH will contribute to all the commonly shared activities of the GAPP project.

Involved staff

Eve Õiglane –Šlik is MD (1987) PhD (2007). She is interested in wide range of problems in pediatric neurology.

Airi Tenno is a nurse. She is the head nurse of department of paediatric neurology at Tartu Univeristy Children´s Hospital. She has been the head nurse 11 years. She has experience with clinical trials.

Other Partners

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