The decision making framework within the GAPP Project is composed by executive bodies within which the Project decisions are made and their implementation is monitored through a transparent process.

General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is an executive body governing the Consortium as a whole, coordinating the overall Project strategy and ruling on matters related to financial and management critical issues. It will approve the management and the decision-making structures and responsibilities of all the Bodies described in this section. The GA may propose amendments to such structure as the project unfolds, including major changes to the work plan, to the composition of the Consortium or to the budget allocation between Work Packages.

Project Coordinator: CVBF, led by Dr. Laura Mangiarini

The Project Coordinator (PC) is responsible for ensuring that Project activities are conducted according to the agreed work plan by:

  • overviewing the general Project’s strategy and discussing amendments with competent Project Bodies (PSC, GA, DSMC, EB) when needed;
  • detecting any potential risk factors;
  • ensuring the highest standards of quality, ethics and compliance to European rules and recommendations throughout the project’s implementation;
  • ensuring that deliverables and milestones are accomplished in a timely manner and with the highest quality level;
  • ensuring that each participant fulfills its commitment to each Work Package in direct collaboration with the WP Leader of reference.

Project Scientific Committee, led by Prof. Dr. Dick Tibboel

The Project Scientific Committee (PSC) aims at sharing knowledge and experience among partners and participants, at monitoring all scientific aspects of the project and resolving emerging scientific issues. The PMT representation in the PSC ensures the technical feasibility of any scientific decisions. The PSC monitors and reviews activity progress, ensures that the Project objectives are met and approves deliverables. The scientific coordinating body is composed by Dick Tibboel (Chair of the PSC), Mariagrazia Felisi, Rebecca Lundin, Laura Mangiarini, Tjitske van der Zanden.

Project Management Team

The Project Management Team (PMT) supports the PC and the PSC in the implementation and follow-up of Project activities and monitors compliance with the work plan, planned resources and time schedule. The PMT also supports WP leaders in the day-by-day management, promoting synergy and facilitating communication among partners, ensuring timely delivery of Project deliverables and tracking milestone achievements.



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