5th ICCCPO Europe Meeting – Valencia, Spain - 16 May 2014

GAPP - GAbapentin in Paediatric Pain (Project Presentation)

ICCCPO celebrated its twentieth anniversary in May 2014, on the occasion of the 5th Europe Meeting. Some of the founding members like Jesús Mª González Marín (Spain), Marianne Naafs-Wilstra (The Netherlands) and Gerlind Bode (Germany) were present. More than 100 people participated in the ceremonial act at the Placa de Pineda, a historical building in the old town of Valencia. Representatives from European parent- and survivors-organisations, the entire ICCCPO board, SIOP’s past president, Gabriele Calaminus, several founding and honorary members of ICCCPO as well as Spanish local and regional politicians were present. A wide audience to which Patty Brouwer presented the GAPP Project.
SPEAKER: Patty Brouwer (ICCCPO)

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